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We Like Junk Cars and We Cannot Lie

That junk car on your property has been with you for so long, you may be thinking of hanging onto it just on pure principle. But if it's not serving its intended purpose, why not think about selling? At Cash For Cars, we pay cash for junk cars. You can't beat that with a stick, or with a flat tire for that matter

Why Should I Get Rid of My Car?

Lets face it. It's junk. You know it's junk. We know it's junk. It even knows it's junk, or it least it would if it could think for itself, which -by the way-it can't, so let's not even go there. Here are some reasons why you might wish to get rid of that rust bucket:

Help the environment. Junk cars are prone to leaking. A lot in some cases. All of that fluid drips down, either on your driveway, in the parking lot, or in your yard causing harm to the environment. Not to mention potentially damaging to your property, causing yucky stains to remain.

Free up some space. That unwanted beater is just sitting around, wasting valuable space on your property that can be put to use for something else. Perhaps a boat, or a garden, or a gazebo. Say it, gah-zee-bo. Yeah, you know you want one.

Make some money. Yes. That pile of junk that used to be an automobile when it was running can get you some quick cash. Heck, if you're going to miss having a vehicle there, why not put the money we give you for your heap toward a car that will actually work.

But...but...but...It's Not Junk

We hear ya. But we're betting it probably is. What is a junk car anyway? Besides for one that doesn't run (obviously), other vehicles might be junk if they:

  • Spend more time in the drive than on the road
  • Have major engine or transmission problems
  • Have lots of damage from an accident making them unsafe
  • Will take more money to make road-worthy than you have now.

Now What?

So you've decided to sell. Give us a call at Cash For Cars in Chula Vista, CA, at (619) 430-2484 to see how much moolah you can get for that beater. With our simple process, we'll trade that old vehicle for some dough in no time